Friday, July 22, 2011

Cupcake Flower Pot Tutorial

So I guess I’m on this Teacher Gift kick this week even though its summertime! I found all of these pictures I had uploaded from the school year and forgot to blog about. Maybe some of these ideas will come in handy for Back to School gift ideas. It’s kind of around the corner!
I was watching a show sometime last spring called D.C. Cupcakes, about a bakery, well, in Washington D.C…. anyhoo, they were doing a wedding with these really cute flowerpot cupcake  centerpieces.
Fast forward to the last day of school this year….and I needed 4 preschool teacher gifts plus an office staff gift, pronto! I’m a Mama on a budget, so this is where I have to get creative. I thought back to those flower pots and knew they’d be a hit with the teachers.
Now, I’m a lot of things, but a Baker is NOT one of them. So I called up Sam’s Club and ordered 30 cupcakes decorated like flowers. Only $12.00 (averaging $3 per pot).
You have to be very specific when ordering from Sam’s. I wanted them to look like roses (as seen above), but they decorated them like big cartoony flowers. Oh well they were still cute!
Then I scored on 50% off terra cotta pots at Hobby Lobby for $0.75 a pot. I got one large pot for $1.00 for the office staff gift.
To start, you will need a flower pot, floral foam half circle form, and toothpicks.
If you’re using regular sized cupcakes, you’ll need mini cups (you know the ones you used to make jello shots in college ….not that I ever made these of course!) As I learned the hard way, the big cupcakes need more than toothpicks to hold them on the floral foam without falling off.
Pierce your plastic cups with 2 toothpicks, aligning them in the center and then placing them a few inches apart around the floral foam.
Then go back with some green tissue paper squares and fill in between the cups, piercing the tissue with toothpicks to secure in place.
*NOTE: Make sure before adding your cupcakes that you pierce little holes in the cupcake wrappers so that they slide onto the toothpicks easily.
After doing this little project with big cupcakes, I found that the mini cupcakes looked better and were a lot easier to work with since they didn’t need the jello shot cups…just toothpicks to hold them in place.
I found these lemon mini cupcakes at Walmart for $2.00 a package and I used 2 packages to cover the large flowerpot for the office staff.
I believe I spent $6.00 total on this large pot, including the cost of the premade cupcakes.
I know this isn’t my usual blog post, but thought it would be fun to share some crafty gift ideas this week! I’d love to see some of your ideas, so send them my way if you get a chance!
Happy Friday!!!!


*~kAy~* said...

You are so creative! This looks so beautiful!

turtle said...

what size pot did you use 8" or 10" I'm wanting to make one that will hold about 8 regular sized cupcakes.

Kristen @ Urban Farmhouse said...

I believe it was the 8" pot.

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