Saturday, February 27, 2010

Our Newest Arrivals

So what can I say? Things have been busy over at Urban Farmhouse. So much so, that I can't seem to get new pieces on the floor because they're spoken for before I even load them into the truck. First off I want to say thank you to my loyal customers! You guys ROCK!

I love getting to meet you at events and when you come up and tell me that you love getting email alerts :-) It is so exciting for me, you have no idea! I feel like I'm truly living my dreams this year and to know that even one person out there may get some inspiration from my work is so rewarding.

So since I've been so swamped, I haven't really had much time to really focus on this blog like I had intended when I started it. I've had big plans to do a room redo for my three-year old, Nikolas, but that project has been moving so slowly that I just hope to get it done before he leaves for college!

So maybe I'll just focus on what's new in the Farmhouse for now and promise to try and share what's inspiring me lately in hopes that it inspires you a little too!

I must be going through a "black phase: lately...I've been painting everything black and I'm into heavy distressing of these pieces. I cannot resist cane back chairs either! They come out so lovely everytime. I loaded two very heavy dining sets into the showroom today but they look so amazing! One day I hope to find the time to do one of these for my own house. :-)

Aside from black, I love a pop of turquoise. This little side table was easy to look past until it got a paint makeover. It's taken on a whole new life and become the focal point of my Easter display.

Not only was today a day of moving new pieces in, but I had to find a way to move 3 crib sets into my suite. Tight squeeze but I really love how my favorite cream armoire showcases the baby sets.

I would have kept this media console if it was a tad shorter for my small space in our living room. We actually took out the bottom drawers and converted it to open shelving for all the dvd and cable boxes. I think I'll get some wide baskets for the 4 open shelves.

When I saw this vintage dry sink, the shape of it screamed changing table to me. I'm really loving all of the curves and character it has and the little shelf above is perfect for wicker baskets to hold wipes and diapers.

I did decide to keep one crib in the showroom. The bedding just showcases better to me in a real crib, but it takes up so much room that I may end up having to remove it and finding another way to showcase the crib sets. Any ideas??? Hmmmm, this will be keeping me up tonight.

We are having a "Grand Opening" at the Mercantile on Saturday, March please come by and say hi! It really does make my day! :-)

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