Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Furniture Makeover: Beachwood Weathered Chest

Saw this pathetic little guy at a local thrift yesterday and just had to give him a little TLC and a major makeover!

Looks like he became the victim of a Toddler Magic Marker Makeover!!! (Warning, shield your eyes from the gruesome scene you are about to witness below!)


Sometimes these makeovers take me days and other times (like this one) it took me about 45 minutes while Tres watched True Blood last night (can’t watch that scary stuff, especially when working late nights in my garage!)
Ta Da! By 9am this morning, this little fella’ was dry and ready for his big shoot!


This is the paint color on my kitchen walls….LOVING it on Furniture now! I added a little dry brushing for a weathered look and some fun Coral hardware and I’m having a hard time putting him up for sale now that he goes so well in my living room as an accent piece!

008  003-1

At any rate, he IS for Sale for $275
Measures: 40.5”W x 19.5”D x 31.5”H
Contact me @: Baylorkls@aol.com if interested!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Furniture Makeover: Weathered Farmhouse Bed

In the last year most of my work has been finding specific pieces for customers. It’s always a gamble when you do this because what the customer has in their mind of what the piece will turn out like, is not always what I have in my mind. If I’ve learned one thing refinishing furniture, it’s that you just can’t please everyone…hard as you may try!

This was one of those pieces. I found this bed on Craigslist for a customer wanting a full size for their daughter’s room to be refinished in black. So technically this isn’t the true “before” picture since I did refinish and distress it.
christmaspreview (32)-1    christmaspreview (34)
I try to make everyone as happy as possible and sometimes I just risk being left with a piece the customer decides against unfortunately. They just weren’t feelin’ this one.

So, since the bed was no longer needing to be black….I was free to make it more “my style” which always seems to lean towards a weathered farmhouse look.
farmbed (2)-2 
The look came about as a dry brushing experiment. I tend to do that with pieces that aren’t promised to a specific customer. I like not having the pressure to make it look a certain way.
farmbed (5)-1  farmbed (8)-1farmbed (9)-1
I love how this one turned out after the second makeover! I really think the dry brushed look suits this style of bed. Hope I’ve inspired you to rethink your plain, black pieces and try out some color too!
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