Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Furniture Makeover: Beachwood Weathered Chest

Saw this pathetic little guy at a local thrift yesterday and just had to give him a little TLC and a major makeover!

Looks like he became the victim of a Toddler Magic Marker Makeover!!! (Warning, shield your eyes from the gruesome scene you are about to witness below!)


Sometimes these makeovers take me days and other times (like this one) it took me about 45 minutes while Tres watched True Blood last night (can’t watch that scary stuff, especially when working late nights in my garage!)
Ta Da! By 9am this morning, this little fella’ was dry and ready for his big shoot!


This is the paint color on my kitchen walls….LOVING it on Furniture now! I added a little dry brushing for a weathered look and some fun Coral hardware and I’m having a hard time putting him up for sale now that he goes so well in my living room as an accent piece!

008  003-1

At any rate, he IS for Sale for $275
Measures: 40.5”W x 19.5”D x 31.5”H
Contact me @: Baylorkls@aol.com if interested!


Kathie Waldron, MS RNC said...

Your amazing! What kind of paint do you use on ypur pieces? Do you have a fav. Brand?

Urban Farmhouse said...

Thanks Kathie,
I really like the colors at Benjamin Moore, but the paint is kind of expensive. I tend to mix my "oops paints" together until I get the colors right. Gotta love the Oops Paint Aisle at Lowe's!

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