Monday, March 12, 2012

Thrifty Design for a Couple’s Dining Room

So you may not know that just because a girl can wield a paint brush, doesn’t necessarily mean that’s where her talents end. (WOW, that could be taken out of context.)

Let’s try that again…what I’m trying to say is, that just because I’m known for refinishing furniture, doesn’t mean that’s ALL I’m doing these days at Urban Farmhouse.

Lately my business has taken a shift and I’ve started creating rooms around my furniture for clients.

Take Kerri and Tim Rovi for example. They scored a great deal on this solid wood 65” round dining table at a local thrift.


They knew they wanted me to refinish it, but after learning a little more about their style at a design consultation at their new home, I came up with a custom plan for the couple.

While on the tour of their house, I spotted this amazing bouquet on display in the corner of their guestroom. Isn’t it great? Its made out of vintage brooches and was Kerri’s bridal bouquet. It sparked the inspiration for my design boards.

image006 image005

I knew that blue had to be incorporated into the design after seeing it emerge throughout their home in just about every room. Kerri, like me, tends to lean towards blending vintage with modern elements and likes a calming color palette.

The dining room needed to be sophisticated and a little bit glamorous but in keeping with a young and somewhat relaxed feel.


The fun part about the plan I come up with for my clients, is that it usually centers around furniture pieces I go out searching for. Then the transformation begins! The result is a one-of-a-kind, budget-friendly room that was designed especially for you.

In the case of the Rovi’s, I had so much fun that I came up with three similar boards for them to choose from.


All three boards centered around their table and the need for a china hutch to display some special heirloom pieces.


I’m happy to report that they loved the boards, saying:

“These are AMAZING! We’re still mulling over 1 and 2, can’t decide if we like the white hutch or the white table but I’m leaning towards two because I LOVE that chandelier with the white table. Thank you so much for all of your hard work on this, you’ve hit it on the nail!”

After some deliberation they have decided to go with Board #1.
I’ve already found their china hutch and 6 dining chairs that we plan to reupholster in a vibrant peacock blue.

The Chairs Before Their Makeover & Inspiration for the “After”
IMAG0797  283336_0_4-9263-traditional-chairs

I know what you’re thinking, but have a little faith in me! After the refinish, the chairs will get their centers and seats upholstered in the pretty peacock fabric.

        The China Hutch “Before” and “After" InspirationCamden%20AD_920-831-m

The hutch will house Kerri’s grandmother’s china, so it had to be see-through glass. I think that the piece I was able to find for them is a pretty close match and once refinished, should look more modern and clean-lined in the room.

Stay tuned for a glamorous dining room makeover for a very fun couple! (I’m so inspired by the chairs, that I’m trying to find a place for some peacock blue in my own home.)

If you are in need of a room makeover, send me an email at

Happy Spring Break!!!
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