Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Chinoiserie Chic

Lately I’m a push over for anything Chinoiserie. I’ve been searching for a faux bamboo chair for my desk for years and still haven’t come across a vintage one at a reasonable price.



via Décor Pad

I love these glass top bamboo nesting tables!


via Décor Pad

Or better yet, mirrored round top!


via Madison Ave Gifts

After years of searching, I did manage to find a faux bamboo wooden chair while out thrifting. I hate when I forget to take a “Before” picture! It was in a dark wood finish with dingy upholstery. After a new finish and upholstery job….Voila!



I decided to do a metallic finish to make her a little more modern.


Unfortunately she doesn’t fit well under my desk, but I’m still smitten with her and may end up using her in my new living room.


Hope you have an inspired week!

If you’re searching for a specific piece, give me a shout at FarmStyleStudio@gmail.com

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