Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Weathered Wood Buffet Transformation

After a week in the Texas Hill Country (and another week trying to get back on track with life!), I’ve taken on some more painting projects. I timed it perfectly to coincide with the record-breaking 110 degree heat wave! One of these days, I’ll spring for a portable AC Unit, but until then, it’s late nights and early mornings!
Here’s a piece I finished for a client last week. I love the way the driftwood finish compliments the lines of this stately piece. It changes the entire look and brings it into modern day!
(of course, it will look so much better in the room, accessorized and out of my garage!)
010 013
If you have a piece you would like refinished, send me an email with a picture of the piece and some idea of what you’d like done to it. I’ll send you a quote back shortly!
And….just for fun…thought I’d share some pictures of our incredible stay at the J.W. Marriott Hill Country Resort and Spa in San Antonio. It was so beautiful and peaceful that it was hard to come back! (also very eco-friendly…so impressed!)
IMAG0666-1  IMAG0686-1
IMAG0679-1  IMAG0683-1

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Updating Sentimental Pieces

I have a pair of leather chairs in my front sitting room that I can’t part with. These were my dad’s chairs and having them in my house makes me feel a little closer to him now that he’s gone. The only problem is that, while I love having them with me, they don’t blend so well with my furniture.
So, after a lot of internal struggle I decided to go for it! They got a little make-under I guess you could say.
Before: I covered and taped off the distressed leather before tackling the wood.
With some paint and glaze, they look much more like the French Provincial look I have going on in this room and not so dark and heavy anymore.
005 006
I was really nervous to refinish these chairs or any of his furniture I’ve inherited because of the sentiment they hold for me… but I absolutely love the results. It was kind of a therapeutic moment for me…keeping the memory of my dad alive but also making them my own in a way.
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