Sunday, August 7, 2011

Updating Sentimental Pieces

I have a pair of leather chairs in my front sitting room that I can’t part with. These were my dad’s chairs and having them in my house makes me feel a little closer to him now that he’s gone. The only problem is that, while I love having them with me, they don’t blend so well with my furniture.
So, after a lot of internal struggle I decided to go for it! They got a little make-under I guess you could say.
Before: I covered and taped off the distressed leather before tackling the wood.
With some paint and glaze, they look much more like the French Provincial look I have going on in this room and not so dark and heavy anymore.
005 006
I was really nervous to refinish these chairs or any of his furniture I’ve inherited because of the sentiment they hold for me… but I absolutely love the results. It was kind of a therapeutic moment for me…keeping the memory of my dad alive but also making them my own in a way.

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