Friday, August 27, 2010

ROAR...Nikolas is FOUR! A Retro-Inspired Dinosaur Party Sneak Peek

I can't believe my baby is turning FOUR years old! It was just yesterday that he was born weighing in at 3 lbs, 4 oz and 2 months premature!

Here's a sneak peek of his Dinosaur Party we're having tomorrow. I've been having a blast making all the little details come together. It is the ultimate challenge to try and keep with the theme your little boy desperately wants when you had your heart set on something, a little less SCARY to say the least.

"Mommy, I want Carnitore decorations at my party," says my lil' man while stomping around the kitchen gnashing his teeth and roaring like t-rex. Hmm, guess I'm not getting that adorable Vintage Toy Party I so had my hopes set on this year.

So like any good mother, I reorganized my thoughts to dinosaurs....but maybe Retro Dinosaurs would be a good compromise.

My mother-in-law and I made these birthday hats last weekend. I couldn't find anything cute enough to go with our Retro Dino theme, so we crafted some ourselves using glittered cotton balls and cupcake foil wrappers.

I couldn't find a cute shirt for his party...surprise, surprise...I know. So, I decided to make that tonight as well. It took about 20 minutes to create the graphic on the computer and then I used iron-on transfer printer paper and Voila! He has a custom Retro Dinosaur T-Shirt that matches the party theme for tomorrow...and the best part is that it cost me a whopping $2.49 for the shirt at Hobby Lobby. I'm a Bargain Betty, you know.

Stay tuned for fun party details like Candy Kabobs and Cupcake Toppers from our Retro Dinosaur Party tomorrow!
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