Thursday, November 17, 2011

Time for Christmas Cards!

Its that time again…and for those of you with young kids, you know that Christmas cards aren’t the same without pictures!

I used to pay for photography sessions, but after investing in a good camera for Urban Farmhouse, I decided to try my luck at my own mini photo sessions with my favorite subject, Nikolas.

Yesterday morning I took Nikolas to a really cool area over by our local library to see if we could get a good shot or two for our card this year.

Drum roll please….I think we found a winner!


Aside from the one above, I got some other really great shots, just letting him discover the area and get silly with me.

029-1 (2) 108-1 

Before I knew it, I had dozens of great shots that I can now use for grandparent gifts! (Busy moms gotta love multi-tasking!)


155-1 159-1 213-1

(The G.Q. Pose!!!)

244-1 246-1

245-1 258-1

Here’s My Amateur Photography Pointers:

1. When photographing kids, let them lead you and take cues…if they wanna get silly, let them get silly…personality is the key to great pictures!

2. For outside shots, overcast weather is best (no squinty eyes and shadows!).

3. I don’t have an expensive lense, but I do rely on an editing program to get cool effects. (I use Picasa and Picnik….it’s free and super easy to use!!!)

4. Don’t overload on props…keep it simple for timeless photos.

5. Snap Away! I took 500 pictures in 35 minutes, but got the shots I wanted and then some.

Most importantly…have fun!

We laughed so hard we had tears streaming down our faces by the end of the shoot. Then we went to have milk shakes and hamburgers together. It was a great date with my boy. In twenty years from now when I look back at these pictures, I know I’ll feel the happiness of our day.



511-1 481-1

Good Luck! Now, go out and make some memories with your kiddos!

Salvaged Driftwood Dresser

I had a client come to me in search of a masculine dresser for her son’s room that I could redo with a driftwood flair. I knew I needed to search for a piece with clean, modern lines.

It seems I walk past pieces like this on a daily basis when I’m out junkin’ and never give them a second glance.



She showed me a picture to work off of for inspiration and I immediately had a vision, that eventually turned into this….


I am so in love with how this dresser transformation turned out that I think my Nikolas now needs one in his room too!


I can’t wait to see it in his new room! Thanks for a super fun project this week, Heather!

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