Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tranquil Master Bedroom Makeover

I CANNOT WAIT to show you this extreme transformation of my friend, Pari’s master bedroom. It really is quite a dramatic difference. She was kind enough to let me come in and tear apart her room over the course of a few weekends.

Take a peek for yourself…



The only thing missing is of course the jewelry for the room…a chandelier that will replace the ceiling fan. With a little photoshop magicvoila.

OB-Kuechenmeister Master

They were ready to make some big changes and sold their old bedroom set on Craigslist.



You can see in the mood board of the room below, how just repositioning furniture can make a HUGE IMPACT! It really opens up the space this way.


By mixing old and new pieces, we were able to achieve a room with character and balance. This industrial table made out of pipe legs from an old factory in New York City was the first piece purchased for the room at a flea market. It was really our muse for the entire design concept.


An old, beat up dresser similar to this one I found while out thrifting, was given a French makeover.

003 (2)

Paribedroom14A  PariBedroom16PariBedroom17

Do you recognize the chair in the corner? Yep, its one of the infamous spider back chairs with a new upholstered seat and metallic silver weathered finish!

Paribedroom10A 003-1

I am SO envious of that fireplace! Can you imagine on a rainy day, curling up in bed next to that thing? I may move in…


Incorporating a gallery wall solved the challenge of how what to do with the massive wall opposite the bed. The added bonus is that it brings personality to their space.



PariBedroom18A   Paribedroom13

We tried several different rugs in the room but when Pari found this one, she knew it was the perfect fit. I think I might have to find a place in my house for one now too.


We found this lantern lamp out in Canton.


and of course….the infamous Seahorse Wall Art that I made using leftover wood floor boards…phew, that was such a long project!


I hope you love their retreat as much as I do!

I’m in the process of getting my new web site ready with all of the details on design services available.
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