Monday, August 22, 2011

Nikolas’ Mini Cooper Party

Where did the time go? My sweet boy just had his 5th birthday celebration this weekend! Nikolas has always been a car kid. From the time he started talking, he could name almost every car on the road.
So this year, he decided he wanted his birthday to be none other than car themed. So to make it easy on his mom, he told me it couldn’t be just plain ol’ cars, but specifically Mini Coopers.


The vision, if you will, started with some cute model cars I happened upon at CVS of all places! They had these great little diecast Mini Coopers on an end cap near the candy aisle for $4.99 each. I swooped up as many as I could and decided to use them on the kids table, where I printed out a road as a table runner.


Then the inspiration for the British Invasion theme came about for the cake. I knew I wanted to incorporate the British flag somehow, but it still had to stick to our Mini Cooper theme, per The Boss’ orders! Big props to my girl, Ashley, for seeing my vision and creating this amazing cake!!!

016-2 020-1017-1

I had so much fun making the rest of the dessert table decorations! Chocolate sandwich cookies transformed into “Spare Tires” and donut holes became cake pops, while giant marshmallows got their own personalized cupcake toppers.

053-1 055-1

We had the party at Pump It Up, per The Boss’ request, where can you believe we had less than 15 minutes to get all the decorations up before the kids came in? Whew! I enlisted both grandmas and a handful of moms to be my work crew. Huge thank you, ladies!!!


Overall, the day was a success, and Nikolas got his Mini Cooper Party, and lots of other fun cars to play with!
Happy 5th Birthday, Sweet Boy!

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