Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Gold Fever

This spring its all about metallics and gold is definitely at the top of my list. I love it on light fixtures, accessories and yes, even furniture.

Check out these dressers that got a transformation this week in my workshop.

The “Before” is a stock photo of something similar to what the finish used to look like. (I could kick myself when I forget to take a before shot!) But you get the picture…it wasn’t pretty.


The “After”


This sweet little petite two-drawer chest was my dad’s. I had it sitting in our guest bedroom for quite sometime, not knowing where it would fit into our house with its traditional finish.

The “Before”


The “After”

012-001 013

She still needs an antique glazing to bring out the weathered areas, but she fits in much better at the Garza Residence now.

OH!…I almost forgot…here’s a sneak peek of some of what’s being worked on for The Rovi Dining Room Makeover that will be revealed very soon. Super exciting!!!

Kerri Felderhoff1

…and stay tuned for next week when I reveal a bedroom makeover to knock your socks off!

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