Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cheap and Easy Fall Pumpkin Tower

This cute little tower of pumpkins is going to remain on my kitchen island as the focal point of my seasonal decor in the kitchen through Thanksgiving. The best part is that it took 2 minutes to assemble and cost a whopping $4.00!

After making a run to Dollar Tree, I found three little pumpkins and a strand of fall leaves garland, totaling $4.00.

Taking a wooden skewer (same skewers used for the candy kabobs at Nikolas' Dino Party), I pierced the skewer through the hollow pumpkins, making sure to tilt them a little so they weren't all perfectly lined up.

Then I just wrapped the strand of garland around the Pumpkin Tower to give it a little Uumph! I chose to stick the Pumpkin Tower in a white footed bowl that I usually use as a fruit bowl.

These would also look so cute in little black urns on a dining table or even using larger pumpkins in your pot on the front porch. Hmm, I have a big urn like this on my porch already...

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