Monday, January 30, 2012

Swedish Mora Clock Love

Have you fallen in love with the antique Swedish Mora clocks like I have? I think it’s really more of an obsession that I have. I’ve actually been searching for one for quite awhile but can’t seem to find any under $600.

Sigh…they are so lovely!


via Pinterest


via Pinterest


via Chole’s Closet

My good friend and decorator, Gamze Andrews, happened to have a great little clock sitting in the corner of her bedroom when I was over last week. It had the same look as one of the fabulous Swedish antique clocks. Although a reproduction, it definitely had good bones to it. I jumped at the chance to give it an Urban Farmhouse Makeover!

This is a stock photo of the clock before. (unfortunately its about 5 years old and they don’t make them anymore)


…..and here she is with an Urban Farmhouse Swedish Mora finish.



We now want to find a way to pry open the face plate so we can antique the face to give it a weathered look to match the rest of the European finish on the outside.


I’m on the hunt for more of these clocks, so stay tuned and let me know if you’re interested in one with a custom finish!

Have a beautiful week!!!

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