Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Take Me Home Please…

Well since my chair obsession of 2012, I’ve acquired quite a few “potential” beauties that are just waiting to have forever homes. Check out my inventory before they fly outta here…

Brace yourselves….this one is BY FAR one of the rarest finds I’ve ever come across. I literally sprinted across a parking lot, stumbling over furniture under foot to sit in her and claim my prize. Yes, I DO get THAT excited over furniture, people.

Can’t you just see her brought into the 21st century with some bold graphic florals and a new paint job? Possibly, if not exactly like below?

       What I am now….                     My Hidden Potential….

IMAG0781  etsy1_thumb[1]

via Etsy

What about this one? I know she looks like a horrible 1970’s motel chair now….but take a look at the big plans in store for her transformation….

Sad little thrift chair now…         Wow Factor Waiting to Happen…

IMAG0728                 51FDupCmd3L._SL500_AA300_

                                                                                                                    via Angelo Home


I don’t have to tell you how much I LOVE an oversized, sink-down-and-get-comfy wing back chair. But just in case you’ve forgotten…I have this little gal waiting for a modern makeover.

Country Gone Wrong…                   Dallas Done Right….                            

DSC00676    decorpad_thumb[1]

                                                                                                                via D├ęcor Pad

Just in case you STILL don’t believe me…check out my newest addition to my bedroom makeover.

                    Before                                  After

IMAG0727    005-1 

I wanted to get that “pop” of color the room was craving in a fun purple damask. The back of the chair is covered in a minky gray velvet. Now I just need a fun accent pillow and voila…bedroom complete!

004-1  007

Take your pic from the chairs above and we’ll come up with a plan for the refinish and reupholster to make it a one-of-a-kind knock-out! Email me at FarmStyleStudio@gmail.com

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