Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chairs that Make a Statement

Everyone knows that I dabble in painted furniture, but did you know that I am obsessed with upholstered pieces?

Yes, I am falling head over heels for beautiful, comfortable old chairs becoming new again. Here’s some inspiration to get your wheels turning…and when you’re ready, email me for a quote!

I am really LOVING a metallic finish paired with a deep hot pink fabric lately. There is something very classic yet modern about this look. Stay tuned as I have a chair similar to this one being done as we speak for my new master bedroom makeover!


via Circa Furniture


via Pinterest

…and who can resist the ever so trendy Ikat chair?


via The Cross Design

I guess I’m really drawn to large modern patterns on antique chairs. The bold blues and greens against the white are to die for on this feminine little number below…


via Etsy

…and these lovely ladies as well (why is all furniture female to me?)


via Pinterest

Texture, texture, texture…you can never go wrong with velvet!


via Pinterest


via Horchow

So now that I’ve peaked your interest…send me your requests on what you’d love to have upholstered or pieces you’d love for me to find for you.

I have about 7 chairs in my garage right now that over the next few weeks will be transformed into beauties like the ones above. If you have a chair or sofa upholstery need, email me for a quote at FarmStyleStudio@gmail.com

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