Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vintage Dresser Turned Media Console

It’s never a sure bet I’ll find what I’m looking for when I’m out thrifting. One thing’s for sure though, there never seems to be a shortage of old dressers!

IMAG0156 011
resale (10)resale (35)-1

Okay, so you get the point!

One thing I’ve noticed about these dressers (other than people don’t clean their drawers out before donating)…is that they’re all long and much shorter than the standard dresser made today. I guess to most people that means they’re useless.

To me, that means they are PERFECT FOR MEDIA CONSOLES!!!

furniture (24)

Sometimes I like ’em just like the one above, but it does make it difficult to change channels when the box is hidden behind solid wood doors.

So, with a little tweaking…


I added shelving where the drawers used to be and some dental molding for instant charm and VOILA, this dresser became a perfect living room console.
Here’s a few more I did for my showroom last fall…


ornate (22)-1

….and they were all SAVED yet again from the Dreaded Landfill!!!!
I just LOVE a Happy Ending!

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