Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sunshine on a Stem

It always seems to sneak up on me….Teacher Appreciation Week that is! Now that my son is in Preschool, I have to remember these things. I was a teacher before having Nikolas, so I know how important it is to recognize all that they do for my child.
With that said, I also know how awful interesting some of the teacher gifts can be! No more soap on a rope, please!
While it isn’t that time of year, I thought it might be nice to post an idea that I did in the spring for Nikolas’ teachers. It was super easy and made a big hit at the school!
I found these cute Sunflowers in the garden section at Walmart for $2.00 a plant.
They needed a little charm, so I layered yellow and white polka dot tissue paper, $1 at Walmart, with a square of burlap fabric at the base of the pot and tied it secure with a piece of twine.
I happened to be walking through Hobby Lobby one afternoon and saw these cute little tags in the garden section for $0.49 each. PERFECT!
So I tied them to the stems with a little twine and then instead of a card, I used my Cricut machine to make little tags that read, “You are my Sunshine.”
Nikolas had 4 teachers last school year, so I couldn’t spend a fortune on gifts, but I wanted to do something really special. I think these averaged me about $3.50 per pot once I added the embellishments.
Not too shabby, considering the soap on a rope alternative! Smile

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