Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Yellow School Bus Buffet Makeover

I have a thrifting addiction. Yes, at least I OWN it! I’m a sucker in every sense of the word for a great piece at a great price.
You know, the pieces that are considered cast-offs, rejects…. doomed for the landfill.
I especially have a soft spot for those poor, pathetic pieces that were once beautiful, but had a run-in with a what were they thinking! unfortunate paint job. Such is the case with the “Yellow School Bus Buffet.”
Before Buffet (2)-2
Oh, I just had to bring her home with me! Like that puppy at the pound with the big eyes giving you those, well…puppy eyes.
After fixing the broken front leg and adding another caster wheel, she got a new paint job and….
antiquedresser (5)-2
It’s amazing what a little paint and glaze can do for these pieces. (note the leg is still mending in this picture when I transported her into the store).
antiquedresser (8)-1

antiquedresser (9)-1
…and She Lived Happily Ever After!
(in a new home and thankfully NOT the landfill!)


Korrie@RedHenHome said...

Wow! What a great transformation. I'm loving the crackle-y look.

Urban Farmhouse said...

Thanks! I was going through a major crackle phase at that time. Now I think I like a little here and there...not so heavy.

JaceSophie said...

Love it!! I have a very similar buffet with great lines that was repainted, but by a "vendor" in Canton that needs to be redone. You may have inspired me! ? - if I can post this, then I am a "follower" on your blog right? I get your emaila AND farmhouse alerts, so I'm signed up correctly, right?

Urban Farmhouse said...

Hi JaceSophia,

I checked and you are not "following" yet. You have to click on the "Follow" button on the sidebar of this blog and follow the prompts. That way you'll be entered to win the piece of furniture. Thanks so much!

MiMi Stef said...

Hi Kristin..............

I'm not sure how I started getting the UF emails, but I am so excited to read about what you do. I am getting ready to paint my little island in the kitchen that is currently stained oak and am so afraid that I am going to make it look worse than it does now. I am espcially interested in the deglosser that you recommend. It REALLY is as easy as you describe????? The thought of all that sanding has kept me from getting started for over a year now. Do you get it at Home Depot or Lowe's? My other question is about using spray paint in a can like the sealer that you recommend. Aren't the spray can paints oil based? If so, can I use that over a latex paint? Thanks so you have a store now? If so, where?


Urban Farmhouse said...

Hi Stephanie,

Thanks for the nice words and YES YOU CAN DO IT!!! It really is a good deglosser...I like it because it knocks that shine off pretty well but it does have a strong smell, so make sure you ventilate your area well!
I have been using the Deft for years and it's always gone over the latex paint with no problems. I know...I was always told not to use oil-based with water-based but for some reason, this brand works and it gives a really chip-resistant finish for me. Lately I've been using Varathane Wood Floor Finish and I love that too! Good luck and send pics when you finish!

Good Time Charlie said...

It turned out gorgeous! The hilarious thing is when I first saw the "before", it reminded me of one my first "afters"! Someone gave us a contemporary buffet piece, that actually had a pull out full length dining table inside it. My husband and I spent hours stripping it, only to stain it YELLOW!!! I guess it didn't look too bad, we had a neat red wall behind it. But, when we moved, it didn't move with us. Wonder why.....

Urban Farmhouse said...

Haha...When I was posting this "Before" I was thinking..."I really hope I don't offend anyone if this WAS their After!" But then again, I guess it wouldn't be at a Thrift it was! :-)

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