Friday, July 8, 2011

Thrift Find: Shadow Box Console Makeover

Sometimes I find pieces and have no idea just how great they’re going to turn out until I start painting.
I almost walked right past this little fella’ at a local thrift last fall. In fact the only reason I noticed him, was that a client was searching for a hall table with specific measurements and this one just happened to fit the bill.
Meet the Little Green Wallflower…

console (5)-2
I decided he needed a rustic iron knob on the faux drawer to give him some visual interest.
console (4)-1
My favorite part of this piece was what I did to the inside underneath the glass. After I ripped out that disgusting interesting forest green velvet lining, I recovered the inside case in burlap fabric. It transformed it into a custom shadow box that my clients could use to mount pictures underneath the glass with pretty pearl stick pins.
I Cannot believe I don’t get enough pictures of these pieces before I send them to their new homes! Sadly, I don’t have a picture of the shadow box inside the table, but it looks something like this one at our beach house in Destin.
This console fit perfectly in my computer niche hallway where I took these pictures. It was really hard to let him go! I haven’t found one since, but it made me realize how great a skinny console looks in my little niche!
console (1)-2
This is still one of my all time fav’s that I’ve redone! Sometimes the simpler the piece is, the better the transformation! Wallflower No More!

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