Thursday, July 7, 2011

My First Giveaway! (and it’s a good one!)

Goals are a good thing, right? I like setting them…not always so good at keeping up with’ em.
Objective: Keep Exciting New Posts on this Blog to Gain More Followers!
Motivation: Followers! I need YOU to HELP ME stay motivated to write exciting new posts (so I don’t feel like I’m talkin’ to myself out here in Blogland!)
Reward:I’m GIVING AWAY a Piece of Furniture refinished by yours truly once I reach 100 Blog Followers!
So tell your friends…if you already follow me, Good News!…you’re already entered to win!
If you signed up to get my emails or follow on Facebook, you need to sign up at FarmStyle Studio, cause you’re not entered to win yet!
I’ll reveal the piece here shortly! Thank you so much for following my ramblings about my obsession with furniture makeovers and giving me feedback! I truly love hearing from you…it makes my day! Smile


Christi_TheStar said... a good giveaway and I will go sign up right away....this is really geared towards the "yellow school bus piece" surprised me....I LOVE IT> Great work.

Urban Farmhouse said...

thanks Christi! Looking forward to revealing the piece I plan to giveaway as soon as I get closer to the "100" mark!

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