Tuesday, November 1, 2011

They Beg to be Beautiful!

Can’t you see them screaming…”Make Me Over, Darling!” Well, maybe that’s just what I see. But, nonetheless…I’m excited to announce that I now have access to an inventory of great pieces that need makeovers! Here’s what I’ve got so far…

Chair Inventory

IMAG0226 IMAG0227 IMAG0228 

IMAG0238-1 IMAG0242 IMAG0251 IMAG0213 IMAG0225 IMAG0229

Table Inventory

IMAG0230 IMAG0245-1 IMAG0266-1 IMAG0272-1


IMAG0239-1 IMAG0241


If you can see the beautiful potential in these pieces like I can, then I bet you are as excited as me!

Case in Point….The Chevron Chair Makeover.

001 317741_260685730643703_244539075591702_765813_1893479929_n 

A little inspirational eye candy for ya…






IMAG0237 french-painted-louis-xvi-style-ottoman-3565


To inquire about any of these pieces, contact Kristen….hurry, before they’re gone!


Kerri Felderhoff said...

Love your style and LOVE the chairs! I have been following your blog and Facebook since you left your space at frisco mercantile, our house is almost done and I hope I'll be able to start filling it with some of your pieces soon! I'm so excited,

Kristen @ Urban Farmhouse said...

Thanks Kerri! I would love to help you with your new home. Let me know when your ready :-)

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