Friday, November 4, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect…Especially with Driftwood!

I was pretty excited when I first figured out how to “paint” a driftwood finish, giving pieces the weathered look that’s so in right now.
My first attempts were decent but I think I’ve finally tweaked the process enough now to give a truly realistic finish with some subtle wood grain.
This is a dining set I found and refinished this week for a super cool family here in Frisco.
They could see past the maroon, vinyl seats and chipped up tabletop to the beautiful French look we were going for.
I’m loving how the colors of the table contrast so well against their dark hardwood floors.
017-1 011019-2
Thanks Carrie and Jeb! You guys rock!
I guess its just like the ole’ saying…practice makes perfect.
If you’d like me to find your perfect piece of furniture and give it a weathered, driftwood look, give me a shout!

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