Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Coastal Summer Mantel

I was so inspired by our recent trip to Destin, that I wanted to have that happy beach feeling surrounding me at home. I didn't have a huge budget so I gathered a lot of the decor from other areas of our house.

The white lantern and rope starfish were from Nikolas' room. I got the large glass vase on clearance for $13.00. The freebies include the sand inside the vase from the beach, along with several of the shells. Can you spot the typo in the wooden sign (a T.J. Maxx find)? It's okay, I still love it!!!

Other areas of the house needed a little summer spruce up so I did spring on some new throw pillows. (These are a mix of Pottery Barn and T.J. Maxx.)

I used some industrial strength velcro to attach a starfish to the wall and a vintage inspired seashell tray.

I tied these wooden buoys together and hung them on a wall hook
 with the clock above for a little visual interest.

Now I've got my own personal beach house to bring sunny vibes all summer long!


Amber said...


SneakyPoodle said...

Love your style and I would rock the sign. I hope they gave you a discount! :)

kelly said...

Thank God you mentioned the typo! I came from pinterest to obnoxiously report it ;)

Love the look though!

Sarah Decker said...

I couldn't hang it in my home because of that typo! It would drive me nuts!

Deborah Stinson-editor said...

me too. cannot stand signs with the wrong or misspelled word!

Sue W said...

I came from Pinterest to report the "wrong" word, too! So many people don't understand where to use "than" and "then" these days. In this case it should be "then", as others have reported!

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