Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hallway Wall Makeover

Unfortunately newly built homes don't have a lot of character to them. I have a long wall in my upstairs hallway leading to the gameroom that was naked for nearly four years. It was time for an easy and inexpensive makeover!

I wanted something neutral with a little coastal flare to it. I've always loved the way neutral thick stripes look on walls, but I also wanted to display a little personal art. So I came up with...

While we were in Orlando when Nikolas was three, we had a candid moment at Disney's Beach Club Resort where Nikolas ran out after dinner to make "snow angels" in the sand. I'm so glad I had my camera with me! I had a series of good shots that I was able to capture with my el cheapo digital camera! Later I sent them in to Walmart to have them made into 11 x 14" canvas'. I wish they had been in a matte finish (not offered at the time), but even still I love them and they were pretty reasonable for all four (around $65, I believe with a coupon).

The paddle is from Pottery Barn. I couldn't pass it up as I have an addiction to chippy old paint!

The bell was a find at T.J. Maxx in Destin of all places! I love it so much as it adds to that coastal vibe without being too "themey" (I know, themey isn't a real word, but you catch my drift).

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