Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Driftwood Dining Chairs Refinished

Whew! Finally, the set is complete. I have to tell you, these chairs were not an easy task. Chairs are the worst part of refinishing because of all the small edges and corners you have to get deep down into. In the end though, I think they were well worth the wait (and all the splinters I know have in my hands)!
001  007
Here is the set all together. I love how light furniture really makes the color in the room pop, like the blue wall behind it.
Let me know your thoughts! I love hearing from you guys!


JaceSophie said...

They look so great. I love that Cape Cod, fresh look! I would have to change my entire house to get that look tho! Any suggesstions on how to get it without a heave budget? I'm already getting rid of most of my "red" influence! :)

Urban Farmhouse said...

I would suggest paint! I had the same problem a few years ago and wanted to get rid of all of the dark, heavy wood pieces. Start by painting your walls a soft neutral color (think about the colors in nature: the water, sand, grass, sky). Then think about small changes in your accessories. Spray paint cans can do wonders! :-)

mkinz54 said...

LOVE this look too! Such a soothing, restful color palette. We are almost done remodeling our kitchen from dark cabinets to the cream antiqued look. Paint does do wonders. So anxious to start transforming the rest of my house. Let me know if you refinish any more chairs to look like these. In the market for four of them.

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