Saturday, November 14, 2009

Living Room vs. Playroom...Big Dilemma for Families with Youngsters!

Okay, so I've been dealing a lot lately with function vs. pretty. Function definately wins the battle when you have a toddler. Most of the time, the functional necessities are not by any means pretty to look at! (i.e. our recent bathroom step stool makeover)

Since most of our family time is spent in the great room (family room and kitchen area), it is inconceivable to think we could keep this area free from "kid clutter". We want our house to be beautiful, but first and foremost a comfortable place.

I had been wanting to get rid of our coffee table for quite some time. It was modern, sleek and exposed every scrape and scratch that little matchbox cars could make in a veneer overlay table top :-)

While out thrifting one day this summer, I found just the piece to replace our old table. It was an old, beat up chest made of wood with one side that flipped open (acting as a toy box) and the other side lined with little drawers (perfect for little character figurnes and Thomas Trains). It had obviously been through several bad paint jobs and now sported an interesting shade I'll call Cheeto Orange. The best part was that it was only $39.....I felt like I hit the jackpot!

My husbands reaction was a little different. "You actually PAID money for that?" That's okay, he just couldn't see my vision yet :-)

After a good degreasing to get the hornet nests, spider eggs and whatever else had called my new table HOME for the last decade, it was ready to be sanded, stained and painted. I love the look of a walnut- stained tabletop and a cream base. The contrast is beautiful together.

So with a little elbow grease and a new paint job....VOILA! Our French Country coffee table....

Then I decided to do the little wooden table that my son uses to play/eat at next to the sofa. It was just a natural blond wood stain. It really didn't match our decor in the room. I wanted to keep it child-like but also make sure it blended with our living room furniture.

I decided to paint the top cream and then give it an antique glaze to coordinate with the coffee table. Then I painted the legs an espresso dark brown and stenciled some numbers around the table's edge.

It's great to watch him walk around the table pointing and counting the numbers. He told me it was the best table ever because Mommy made it for him. (he has his moments).

Happy Saturday! :-)


Jen R. said...

I love the numbered table! It's so cute!

Sarah @ Different Dog said...

I have a child's round table and now I know what I want to do with it! Thanks for the inspiration. I've been painting furniture for years and you've really made me start thinking about what I can do with my love of paint and furniture bits. All the best!

Cottage Nouveau said...

Thanks Guys! I really appreciate the comments! It keeps me motivated to keep blogging!!!

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