Sunday, October 25, 2009

Style for the Little Guy Too....

Everyday for the past few months I've been walking past our powder bath and groaning at the sight of the neon green and blue step stool from Walmart looking back at me. It doesn't really fit the motif I had in mind for the bathroom when we had it painted deep shades of mocha and cream.

The harsh reality is that we are Potty Training so in keeping with good hygeine around here....we have to allow the little one to reach the sink on his own and scrub those mitts.

I had to take action and it was time to break out the big guns....

1. Wooden Step Stool (we had a firetruck step stool upstairs....this one was by KidKraft and I'm pretty sure it wasn't "real" wood)
2. Primer
3. Cream Latex Paint and Finish Spray of your choice4. Stencil5. Acrylic Craft Paint in a deep mocha brown

After some priming, a few coats of paint, and a little stencil action with some mocha craft paint.....VOILA!

Our Perfectly Pretty and Functional Step Stool

Now Mommy doesn't wanna gouge her eyeballs out everytime she walks past the powder room... and Nikolas can still reach the sink. It's a win-win situation for all!!! Happy Sunday!

Kristen :-)


Lynda said...

You are AWESOME!!

Kristen Garza said...

Thanks for being my first follower :-)

Elaine's Semi-Homemade Life said...

LOVE this! I would have spray painted it and then added a vinyl decal and tried to come up with a similar look... but I'm lazy! ;) Love the style - great job!

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